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24 Mar 2023 - the archive fix

Sadly the way I went about the archive page had few issues, which caused a memory leak yesterday and I messed up caching. So that page is gone, and, instead the old way of viewing snapshots is once again the only way to see them. On the bright side, I upgraded it so you can get previews of the snapshots when you hover on them AND they actually are stored as files that are easy to archive instead of being decoded on the fly like they were before. So now it should be both easy to archive and be a more pleasant experience.

18 Feb 2023 - the archive update

A month ago drawboard has had it's first birthday and also two days ago was a full year on neocities. With that I made a new easy to archive page to make it easy to browse and save everyone's drawings. Till next time!

27 Oct 2022

A small update. Heard there were issues with some tablets, and from what I know and tested, everything should work fine for everyone now.

26 Oct 2022

A quite big UI overhaul. Also the drawings now are in higher resolution and the time between snapshots is way smaller. Till next time!

2 apr 2022

Improved the color picker. Should be more usable and responsive now. Till next update!

21 feb 2022

added a small piece of text that tells how many people visited this place. Also gave credit where credit is due to Komoxium for awesome art that is used in this website's background.

16 feb 2022

Hi everyone! I used to have this site hosted completely on the domain drawboard.cafe, but I really wanted to have my own space on neocities too since it brings me join to dive into pages here from time to time. I guess this is my attempt at this. Thanks for reading.

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